rainbow-in-real-life-wallpaperThere is always a sense of wonder and happiness whenever a rainbow appears. I feel like for a brief moment I caught a glimpse of a hidden beauty in this world. A rainbow is the quintessence of how much secret there is in this world and how much more there are surrounding us that is invisible in our naked eyes, until it decides to reveal itself.

I think this is the reason why when people get see one, they stop and stare at it. They take time in their busy schedule to notice it.

Love is very much like a rainbow. Most of the time it lies invisible and when it decides to reveal itself, you take time to hold it in your hand as long as you can; wishing and deeply hoping it never goes away. Love is unfortunately very much like a rainbow. Love, too, is passing. It will go away whenever it decides to. Just like a rainbow, one moment it illuminates the sky and in a blink of an eye, it is gone with no trace.

What happens when a rainbow disappears?

People move on. We, take time in seeing its beauty but when it is time to let go, we, open our hands and let it go.

What happens when love disappears?

We also move on. Our heart may have been crushed by its disappearance but even if we deny it, hope lingers in our heart. Hope, that one day, we’ll see love again. Hope that one day, it will decide to stay with us forever, amidst being invisible to everyone, it will constantly reveal itself only to only you. Just as sure the rainbow appears again in another day, in another cloudless sky.

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