DANCING LEAVES : longing for the simple things in life

20150429_104135I remember back in my own little paradise, I used to love looking at how the leaves rustle as the wind passes by. The way they dance and sway, hanging in the branches of trees is hypnotizing for me. I know for a fact that there is beauty and splendor in small things and I find peace in watching leaves dance to the sweet melodies the wind brings.

I crave for those things. To hear birds chirping, instead of car horns trying to outrun each other. To see blue skies and fluffy clouds rather than directly at concrete. To smell the musky scent of rice ripening in the distance, to see stars at night outshining each other and to see leaves dancing in the trees.

I am jealous, no deeply envious of people who can get to see all those things every day. All I wanted is just to be amidst all those little yet truly enchanting splendor of life.


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