A Woman, a Baby and Abortion

How can a very normal thing to do be so damaging to anyone?

We all know that having sex is normal and conceiving a baby is typical for any woman. But how come, if these two words be put together can spell out disaster? How can having a baby lead to a ruined life, a chaotic family, heart breaks, depression and then ultimately murder and sometimes suicide comes right after.

Having a baby is supposed to be a blessing, a gift; it is a miracle of nature for an ordinary woman containing life inside her. Conceiving a child is magic at work for any living thing. What I consider tragic is someone who could not produce a baby, that my friend is pure malice. Nonetheless, I can’t understand why creating life is treated like a catastrophe. People push a pregnant woman on the edge of cliff just because she has a baby, what the hell is that?

The Church and the society, they keep saying no to abortion, but you know what ALL OF YOU ARE HYPROCRITES! You keep instigating abortion as a bad thing and keep saying having a baby is a consecration yet you doomed an unmarried woman like she’s a whore or a slut. It’s not your business if she enjoys having sex, it is normal to have sex whether or not you’re married or whether or not you are of age. No one has the right to tell someone when he or she should engage in sex, it is their choice.

I can’t blame women to have abortion heck I sympathize with them, the real culprit and murderer here is not the woman nor the abortionist, it is the people the surrounds her, instead of helping her, they pushed her to the ground like some used rug, instead of supporting her, they endlessly back stabbed her and instead of being happy for the life she is carrying, they shunned her, they made her an outcast, they relentlessly spit on her face.

I will ask you, why the hell would you do this to someone who is vulnerable, someone who is carrying the most precious thing of all, someone who is carrying a human inside her, why?


The church keeps saying no to abortion but why is it that there are CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS out there that will expel their female students if they get pregnant and not get married. Is having a child without a husband a crime so bad, you really need to expel them? The woman is working her ass off in school to have a better future, not for herself but for her family; she is going to be pregnant sooner or later, why can’t she get pregnant while she is studying, what’s the difference about that huh?? The administrators in the school are actually not thinking of the sacred sacraments or heck being a good Christian Institution most of all not even the welfare of the students; all their thoughts are focused on what other people will think about them. They care more about what people think about them, than the students who are studying and paying their damn tuition fees. What they are doing on that child is both immoral and injustice. They should ponder on this.

Next step, parents.

This is the most sensitive of all.

I know being a parent is a tough job. You work; you shed blood and tears just so you can give you children a better future. Somehow in this process, you kind of ignore the fact that your children also needs to have their own life. You should allow them to have this, even just a tiny bit. I’m not saying you forget about your children and send them somewhere they can live their life. My point is that, your children is not you, they might come from you, you may be the one who created them, but ultimately they are a different human, a different person from who you are. So, do not treat them like yourself, do not expect them to continue what you’ve started because your children need to start something on their own and finish it if they can. It is not really your children’s fault why your life is the way it is, it is your choices, you should be the one who should carry it not them.

Second, if one of them gets pregnant do not throw them out of the house. Do not even judge them. They are human and it is OUR (yes, including you) nature to sometimes make crappy decisions. Nevertheless, having a child is a gift to her and you should be happy for her carrying a baby. It is not like you will die if she gets pregnant and the world won’t end just because she is conceiving a baby. After she gives birth she can always go back where she was before getting pregnant, she can always start again, go to school again, continue what she has started and with this my dear parent, you should support her not kick her down. This is one of the hardest things to do and you should be proud of her, if she doesn’t commit suicide of course.

No one really knows the real pain and suffering of getting pregnant and all people around you thinks badly about it. None of you has the idea of the torment a woman undergoes because of depression, pressure and unending stress. Being pregnant and not have a husband is just like having the sky and earth punch you a thousand times. Heck, I think that is much better. The pain of people judging you, the torture of people condemning you and the sorrow of all the people you love and trust leave you behind; that is HELL on EARTH, dying would be so much better. This is why women commit abortion. I guess there more reasons why women perpetrate abortion but generally and 80% of the time, this is the reason for killing a poor baby. And the real murderers are those who did what I mentioned above.

Are you one of them? I guess Now you know.

I really wish I can see the day wherein having a baby is treated with so much love and celebration whether or not the girl is married or unmarried, whether or not, the girl is a working or not and whether or not the girl is of age or not. I hope to see the day wherein people are intellectual enough to see pass through the damn norms of society and focus more on the real important thing; the baby and the woman carrying it.


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