Memoirs of a Broken Promise

broken promise

Enma Ai and Sentaro

In a village hidden by the mountains and protected by the trees, a girl is desperately fighting for her life because of a promise a foolish boy gave her. Through his oath, she continued to live in spite of the cruel fate she had befallen. She continued to hope despite the darkness around her, that the foolish boy is there waiting for her in the lights as she dreadfully struggles from the murky currents of shadows and silence.

This girl whose hair is as black as the emptiness she felt; never for once complained the kind of life she got. Robbed of her childhood, separated from the warmth and love of her beloved parents, sentenced to being a sacrificed and left to die by the very own people in her village. Through all this, she never asked why of all the seven-year-old girls in her village she was the one chosen to be the seven-year-old child sacrificed.

At a very young age, she already experienced the harsh truth of the pitiless game called life. She was left alone in the night as she was being cradled to sleep by the sound of the passing wind and rustle of the dancing trees while she slowly surrendered to the sweet nectar of death. Her tears fell gently in the ground as hope began to vanish in the distance.

However, as she was already preparing herself to welcome the grim reaper, a soft familiar whisper echoed in the void she was imprisoned.

“Ai-chan, I brought food for you”.

These were the words of a foolish boy who became her seraph in the moments she was about to see the angel of death. In the empty space she was in, he became his flare of last hope as she noticed the luminosity of the bright full moon vanquished the darkness in her eyes.

The boy who has an auburn colored hair and eyes as beautiful as the moon reached out a bag to her, inside the tightly wrapped loincloth different kind of food behold Enma Ai’s sight. The girl who is supposed to be left alone without food and water, this girl who is supposed to die with no one beside her under the trees; was being rescued by an imprudent boy who dared to violate any law as long as he can fulfill his uttered pledge.

“Setarou, you shouldn’t have come here,” Enma said with tears falling in her eyes as she gazed at the smiling face of her saviour

“I promised didn’t I? I will never let anyone harm you Ai-chan”

This were the exact words of promise this lonely girl took hold. This few words harmless as it may sound became her vigour to fight each day alone in the woods for seven years, to carry on living as she optimistically waits the next day Sentaro would come and bring her not only food her parents prepared for her but happiness beyond compare. She would not mind the state she is in as long as she can see Sentaro and be with him even for a few stolen moments.

Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a happily ever after in her world. The night she feared for; the night she dreaded the most finally came. The villagers marched to her sanctuary; possessed by their anger, suffering and the their twisted belief that their Gods abandoned them for the sustained life of Enma Ai, the betrayal of her parents for sending her food and the insubordination of Sentaro for helping Enma. They ultimately came to put justice into their dirty hands.

She desperately cried for help as she was being drowned in the river and water entered her mouth and her nose. What made matters worse is that she witnessed her beloved Sentaro being pounded by the villagers themselves.

After the horrid moment of endless pain, her long flawless raven colored hair was pulled as she was being dragged to the Seven Children Temple. The shrine built to remember those helpless seven-year-old girls who was sacrificed and were left to die just like her.

There she saw her mother and father for the first time after seven years, a white cloth was wrap around their eyes so they couldn’t see. Their hands were tied on their back so they couldn’t reach for anything and both of them were kneeling at door of the shrine. That was the last horrid sight she saw as she too was tied just like her parents and force to kneel beside them. She heard her mother cry and her father begged for the life of his wife and daughter.

Suddenly, a loud banging sound was heard and one by one, she could not hear the cry of her parents anymore until she felt a hard striking pain on her head as a shovel was hammered into her face. That is when she fell again to the ground and everything became quiet.

When finally the hard pain subsided, she felt droplets of water falling from above, rain perhaps, no its not, the loin cloth wrapped around her eyes slowly fell to her face as she saw Setarou’s tears drop towards her as he was burying her and her family under the ground.

“Stop Setarou! Please!” she desperately yelled as she felt death slowly embracing her.

“You promised Sentaro! Please Stop! Please…” she cried again hoping Sentaro would remember his promised to her, the promised she had taken good care of throughout her life.

Then rocks of different sizes, shovels of muddy soil as brown as Setarou’s eyes fell to her face as she is being buried alive by the very person who saved her, took care of her and promised to protect her, the very person she loved the most.

Enma Ai Crying“Curse you all!” those were her last words as slowly yet painfully she watched as the darkness envelope her and the radiance from the full moon vanished in the distance. She waited for everything to be silenced before she closed her eyes wet with blood as she finally give in to death not alone but surrounded with rocks, sand and pebbles as well as the lifeless bodies of her parents in the grave her very own neighbors dug for them.

There her hatred grew more than ever as  she slowly let go of the broken promise she treasured very much while being  drowned in the murky waters of death as she lay lifeless in the grave she was being buried alive by Sentaro himself. The person who promised her that he no harm would befall to her while his around.


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