Pursuit of the Perfect Family

Family- a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together

Everyone aspires of having a complete and perfect family. Everyone longs for a faithful and loving father who will always be there no matter what. A loving and understanding mother who fondly opens her arms for her children and a brother or a sister who will support and be your bestfriend. All in all, everyone aspires of having some people who will accept you for who you really and people whom you can trust your life with.

However, chaos has engulfed the globe and because of this a perfect family is something as rare as a diamond and family members who are drowned in grief and hatred become weeds in the society. Yet, this should have been the other way around.

In this era, our greed has totally devour us that for other people killing ones parents or siblings is somewhat ordinary, raping their own blood is a usual thing in the news and killing innocent babies is becoming a widespread craze for women.

We all do this because of our everlasting search of a perfect family. People try to make as much money as they could so that they could give their family a better life, neglecting the most essential thing their family need in the process; Women bury their shame in the ground in hope that their family would take them back and their chance of meeting a good spouse won’t be extinguish, but because if this they slaughtered and robbed their own baby of the life that is suppose to be theirs.

Why do we need that perfect family when in the first place nothing is considered perfect in this world? We fight in wars when we know no one would win. We chase something that could never be ours. We look for things when what we got here are far better than what were searching for.

A faithful father, a loving mother, supportive siblings; we may not have those people around us but for sure if we just learn to look around, we will see that we may have a friend who is very supportive to us, or a faithful lover, we might even have a loving aunt, grandparents or even a loving teacher who always smile when we reach the classroom. One way or another, we have all those kind of people surrounding us, however we focus too much of what others have that we don’t have, we fail to notice and appreciate those people who have accepted us already for what we truly are, we neglected those people who have love us beyond the reason why because of our obsession in compensating what we lack.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming and trying to have better things in life but sometimes because of that same thing we fail to recognize we already have the best things that life could offer.

We are all connected to one source, and whether we like it or not we are all related. So, no matter how you think of it we are all a part of a big family.


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