10 Ways in Managing Loneliness in a Different Approach

Happy Haruhi

Making Life Interesting ala Haruhi Suzumiya

Loneliness is something that has spread all over the world today. We might not usually notice it but it doesn’t mean it is not present around us. Heck, we don’t really know the effects of loneliness when it has reach its terminal stage already. However, there are always ways to fight loneliness, it is never incurable.

1. Avoid Thinking Sad Thoughts– I know it’s hard to understand but it’s like this, the more you think of bad stuff, the more you will feel bad. Manage your thoughts and focus everything to the things that makes you happy. It is better to watch comedies than spend your time crying over listening to sad music. If you’ve just broken up with your lover, it is better to spend your time with your friends being happy rather than locking yourself up in your room feeling sorry for yourself. Remember, you have only yourself to rely on!

2. Do the Things you want for Yourself– if you’re the girl who have not receive flowers yet or you just want or need someone to send you inspiring messages in your cellphone, then go ahead and send them to yourself. You really can’t call it insanity if it makes you feel better then why not! Try to list all the things you want to do and one by one do them. Stop crying and do something for a change. And don’t ever try to think of the person that hurt you! Pull your pants up, roll your sleeves and focus your mind to beautiful things, your friends perhaps, your mother, your siblings whom you haven’t had time to play with, your pets who long for you. Share yourself to the people who truly need you.

3. Travel to a new Place don’t be fooled by what I said, by a new place I mean somewhere you have neglected to see the beauty of. It can be your back yard whom you’re too busy to appreciate the flowers blooming or the leaves falling from the trees. Breathe some fresh air, see people and for once think of the world and its wonders. Don’t think of those petty stuff that will let you down. Spread your wings and gaze at the clouds. They are beautiful aren’t they? By then, you will realize you’re not alone. Even if you lock yourself up in your room the whole day feeling all lonely and depressed, you’ll be surprise to realize your not, when you spot a cockroach crawling in your bed or a mosquito trying to steal your blood. Wherever you will go, you will never be alone. This is a fact! So stop saying your alone because no matter how much you’ll think about it, you’ll never be on your own

4. Eating Sweets is a Good Idea– actually, I think everyone knows already that chocolates has some chemicals in it that releases endorphins in our body right, and that will make us feel better. But really, you’ll also feel so much better if you can just get hold of those sweets. Ice creams, chocolates, candies, gummy bears, gummy worms, bubble gum, lollipops and oh so many many more. Their sweet tastes have enough strength to pull anyone out of misery and drag us to cloud nine, well even for awhile. Forget those calories and fats, if you want you can run around your neighborhood after though.

5. Shake your booty in Dancing– after you have eaten all those sweets, try to dance. Release your sadness on a hip beat that you like and just let go of yourself. Dance anywhere you like, alone or with some people, as long as you can move that body of yours it is fine. Dance like you haven’t dance before, dance like it is your last, dance like no one is watching and dance till your dizzy. Just dance, even if you don’t know how, even if you’re a bad dancer, even if it is your first time. Set your body free and your soul will follow.

6. Laugh– be happy, enjoy everything even if your alone, you can always watch comedies or go out with your friends, I know this is bad but if you need to slightly drink some beer go ahead, just laugh. It will make you feel better; it will not only make you happy inside and out it will unlock your trapped soul. It will lighten your burden and it is a good way to heal yourself. Even if you know your hurt, when you laugh specially if you share it with your close friends, it will untie that knot of despair in your heart and then you can breathe again. As well as when you laugh, you will realize how good it is to live and then you will think of not giving up.

7. Cry your heart out and Let go of the Pain– go ahead cry and cry and then do some more crying in front of your friends or with your mother, heck I don’t care who or what just let go of that pain, and the only way you can do that is share it. Share it with some pen and paper and then burn or share it in your diary or talk about it someone you really trust. Don’t worry if you have to act all vulnerable, you need it. Once it is out, it can never go back again. If ever it does, you don’t have to worry because by then you’ll be immune to it, and it can never pull you down for you have anchored yourself already.

8. Sleep– A good sleep is always better. After all that crying and dancing give your body a break and doze off for awhile. Bite your pillow before going to sleep and say to it “take my loneliness and lock them inside your fluffy body”. Then go ahead and sleep. When you finally wake up you’ll feel much better. And then, your ready to face anything that comes in your way.

9. Read Inspiring Stories– instead of wasting your time reading stories of lovers breaking up, stories of people dying or watching movies of the world ending. Abolish those nonsense things and read stories that will inspire you. Fill your life with inspiring thoughts. Read about people overcoming tragedy or coping up with a loss, if they have done it then there is no reason for you not to achieve what they have overcome. At this point of your life, it pays well to think positively, even if those negative thoughts still attacks you, fight them back with good thoughts or support yourself with uplifting quotes. In this moment of your life, think yourself as someone still learning to ride a bike, you need those training wheels in order for you to finally ride the bike on your own. Those training wheels are there to support you and they are your positive thoughts. The bike here is your loneliness. Once you can control your loneliness already those positive thoughts will always be there to be your foundation. Make them sturdy so that no matter how many earthquakes will pass, its intensity will hardly affect you.

10. Stay Strong– even if you think your weak, be strong. Make yourself believe that your strong and I’m sure you will survive. Never let mundane things direct you, rise up and manage them. Loneliness is a part of living, it is not here to put us on a test, to judge our strength or even drag us to hell. Loneliness, sadness and sorrow exist because it allows us to grow. It a key ingredient for us to live our lives, so don’t treat as an enemy you have to extinguish, welcome it and make it your friend. Don’t forget that victory is always compose of 2 steps backward and 3 steps forward.


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