Vengeance v/s Forgiveness

Once a upon a time there was a girl betrayed and murdered by the people she thought was her neighbors, in the same place where she was born and was abandoned by the person who vowed to protect her no matter what. Her eyes bled as the first soil rained into her pale skin. Her once brown beautiful eyes changed into the color of her blood as she cried and pleaded to the man she loved to save her. She laid there in her grave as she stared at the light from the surface diminished and the sound of silence started to echo in the tomb she shared with her beloved mother and father. By then, even when she was about to breathe the last bit of air inside her darkened grave, her heart never stopped yelling for vengeance and even when she was about to succumb to death, the deafening cry of her vengeful heart never seized to pound her weakened chest.

Four hundred years had already passed and the world has already changed yet her vengeful heart never even once stopped crying for revenge, it might have already calmed down but its tears never seized flowing from its veins.

This is the story of Enma Ai before she was turned into Hell Girl. The once beautiful young innocent girl is now at the fore front of ferrying souls into the depths of Hell.

But even if she already buried the souls of those who sentenced her to death into the core of the underworld, her howl for vengeance still echoed inside her until she secured that everyone of those who caused her pain and robbed her of her very own life is ferried into hell.

However, this girl of whom was made immortal by the Hell God and was able to linger here in on Earth for more than four hundred years never did once saw in her very own eyes the true form of forgiveness. She might have known its shadows but she was unable to see what is it was like to forgive.

After her emotions took over her and she was able to break free from the grave her own villagers made for her in the foot of the temple; she didn’t waste time in burning down each house that cause her to suffer. She didn’t hesitate in obliterating all the villagers that had forsaken her. As the moon shines at the empty sky, she danced in insanity as each house got caught in her flames, imprisoning those sleeping inside it, making their home their own grave as well. It may sound ironic but the girl they just buried alive in the grave they dug themselves is now the one burning them in their own grave conjured by her own flames.

Nevertheless, even if she was at the forefront of avenging suffering souls and revenge for her is all that matters, when the light of forgiveness finally made its apparition to her, she truly understood it even at first glimpse. She immediately realized the hidden beauty of forgiveness compared to the instant comforts of revenge.

The girl who was beaten down and killed by the people who were supposed to support her and protect her as one of their kind,  forgave them at the moment she knew what is forgiveness. It might have taken her hundreds of years to see it personally and fully understand it but no one can blame her poor soul for she never got the chance to know about it, for all she knew then is to inflict as much pain as those that cause her great sorrow.

But through it all, when she saw what is was like to forgive, she let go of everything that burdened her and for once she soared along with petals of the cherry blossom. She realized that she is trying to escape a prison cell where the door was never locked. She made her own self suffer in the thought of escape in the prison she, herself made. She exhausted everything she had looking for a way to get out when door was never closed in the first place.

This my friends, are the truth of forgiveness and revenge. When we seek someone to suffer as much as we did, we unknowingly and painstakingly cut our own wings with our bare hands in the thought that we could never fly again. Revenge will always be sweet but it will always have its bitter side of which will last much longer than the sweetness it promised.

Forgiveness on the other hand, is like climbing a mountain. Getting to the top requires sweat and determination yet the splendor and fortune it offers is something that will last for all eternity. The price we get when we forgive far exceeds the capital we use to achieve it.

Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt: Thomas Moore


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