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Usually when people encounter the word introvert the first thing that sinks into their minds are the thoughts of the person being shy, timid and loner. However, what they’re seeing are only the outer shell of an introvert person. If people just try to research what the word introvert truly means they will notice that in psychology it means “a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings”. In truth, an introvert is not someone who is weak, frail or shy; an introvert is just a kind of person who values  his or her own thoughts more than what other people thinks. Isn’t that sometimes what we should do?

Nowadays, being an introveris really hard, people try to look down on you, other people thinks that because your not popular they can just push you around and because you don’t talk much it means you are a coward.
In reality, introverts think a lot and if given the chance they can exhaust you of all the ideas they have, of all the facts they store in their heads and all the amazing ideas they can generate. Actually, according to, introverts are not afraid of exposing what they think, they are just cautious about revealing their thoughts. They don’t really hesitate to speak out or take action for themselves but they tend to think it through first. Introverts are very private people; they tend to process their feelings, information, and remarks internally. Introverts can also be social but they don’t reveal much about themselves to other people than what extraverts do.

Why Introverts prefer to be alone?

Though we all know introverts love to be alone because they are very private people, there is also another reason why introverts prefer seclusion rather than inclusion. It is because Introverts gather their energy in solitude. After a party or a social event, though introverts might really have fun in it, at the end of the day, it exhausts them a lot, being in a crowded place just drains their energy big time and the only way to get it back is to do things in private. I think it is safe to say that privacy is something introverts can’t live without. If all people need some privacy, introverts really need all the private time they got. Though sometimes, they still go to parties and go out with their friends, they only do it because they feel obliged about it.

Why introverts don’t talk much?

As what I said above they don’t like to reveal much about themselves and talking to people is also a means of revealing yourself to them (one way or another). Nonetheless, introverts don’t talk a lot also because they usually are picky of the topics they want to talk about. They typically choose those topics they know they have something to say, or those they are interested in or those topics they think is significant to talk about. If given a choice sometimes, introverts would just sit and listen rather than talk because for them it is meaningful to learn about things than to argue about trivial stuff.

Is it hard to date an Introvert?

I won’t call it hard but compared to dating an extravert it might take more time. An extrovert loves to be around people and they don’t have problems in trusting people. It’s a different story when it comes to an introvert. Most introverts have problems when it comes to socializing as well as trusting people and it might also take some time before an introvert starts to open up to someone he or she is only starting to get to know.

Answer true or false to the following questions:

1. I like to have long, uninterrupted periods to work on projects, rather than small chunks.
2. I sometimes rehearse things before speaking, occasionally writing notes to myself.
3. I like to listen more than talk.
4. People sometimes think I’m quiet, mysterious, aloof or calm.
5. I usually need to think before I respond or speak.
6. I like to share special occasions with just one or two people, rather than have a big celebration.
7. I tend to notice details many people don’t see.
8. If two people have just had an argument, I feel the tension in the air.
9. If I say I’ll do something, I almost always do it.
10. I feel anxious if I have a deadline or pressure.
11. I can zone out if too much is going on.
12. I like to watch an activity for awhile before joining in.
13. I form lasting relationships.
14. I don’t like to interrupt others; I don’t like to be interrupted.
15. When I take in lots of information, it takes me awhile to sort it out.
16. I don’t like overstimulating environments.
17. I sometimes have strong reactions to smells, tastes, foods, weather, and noise.
18. I am creative and/or imaginative.
19. I feel drained after social situations, even when I enjoy myself.
20. I prefer to be introduced rather than having to introduce others.
21. I often feel uncomfortable in new surroundings.
22. I can become grouchy if I’m around people or activities for too long.
23. I often dread returning phone calls.
24. I like people to come to my home, but I don’t like them to stay a long time.
25. I find my mind sometimes goes blank when I meet people or when I am asked to speak unexpectedly.
26. I talk slowly or have gaps in my words, especially if I’m tired or if I’m trying to think and speak at once.
27. I don’t’ think of casual friends as acquaintances.
28. I feel as if I can’t show other people my ideas until they’re fully formulated.
29. Other people may surprise me by thinking I’m smarter than I am.
Finding the answer to this test for introverts is easy: simply add up your “true” responses.


20-29 “true” – responses means you’re a true introvert! (That’s me!). “Only deep relationships measure up as friendships and you use them to relax. You need to mentally rest throughout the day, even after enjoyable activities. Because you will draw a blank under pressure, prepare for meetings, talks, and even parties beforehand. Accept your nature and learn to politely fend off energy-draining people.”
10-19 “true” – responses means you’re both introverted and extroverted. “You sometimes feel torn between the desire to dance in the streets and walk alone on the beach. Notice this, so you can keep your energy consistent. You judge yourself through your thoughts and feelings, and through others, leaving you with a broad view that is sometimes difficult to straddle.”
1-9 “true” – responses means you’re an extrovert. “You relish variety, have lots of ‘close, personal’ friends and will chat with complete strangers. Your stimulation is all external, so you talk, think, and act quickly. As you reach midlife, however, you may need to take a break from the high life to reflect, even though it goes against your nature.”
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