Must Watch Anime Movie of all Time!

I have been watching a lot of anime movies this past few days so I have laid down what I think must be a must see movies for anime fanatics. This is solely based on my opinion alone but I also researched about the movie a little before watching them. I also made this so that fans like you won’t troubled in looking and searching for movies that might suit your taste because honestly it is not easy finding for an anime movie in the genre you like because you have to take in a lot of consideration; well, that’s if you’re really picky though.

1.)              Princess Mononoke

[Fantasy, forest deities, adventure, blooming romance as well as great fight scenes]

You wouldn’t be called a real anime fanatic if haven’t watch this Hayao Miyazaki film about the environment and the adverse effects of human progress upon the creatures that lives in the forest.  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a boring nature film that usually would come into your mind. Its fights scene are great and the story line is awesome. You have it all here, romance, and fantasy and if you like a little bit of violence, there are also great fight scenes.

It really deserves to be in the first place because you can’t only watch a great and one of a kind movie, you will also learn to value mother earth. This is a must watch for kids, so that in an early age they will know the significance of the environment.

Click —>>Download link {English Dubbed}

Click—>> Online Streaming Link {English Subbed}

2.)     Howl’s Moving Castle

[Magic, witches, sorceress, war, family, romance, adventure, family]

This is a spectacular anime movie made by Japan’s Studio Ghibli Animation. The movie is about a female hatter who belittle herself until she was force to embark on a quest to break the curs that a bad witch inflicted on her, this quest lead her to selflessly committing herself on helping a troubled yet very handsome cursed sorcerer.

This anime doesn’t only have a great theme but the quality of the animation is amazing too, in addition to that the visual effects are unbelievable and the scenes in the film are truly captivating. You just can’t resist falling in love.

Click —>>Download link {English Dubbed}

Click—>> Online Streaming Link {English Subbed}

3.)  Spirited Away

[witches, dragons, adventure, magic, fantasy, family, friendship]

This is a Hayao Miyazaki film about a little girl’s journey in an unknown land and her quest to free her parents from an evil witch’s curse and imprisonment as well as helping an old friend regain his true identity back.

This is not your usual youth oriented anime movie because it will take you deep in a world very unfamiliar for all of us. This is the very first Hayao Miyazaki film I have ever watched.

The animation is superb and the artwork is magnificent. The scenes are very vivid and the visuals lived up to Miyazaki’s reputation.

Click —>>Download link {English Dubbed}

Click—>> Online Streaming Link {English Subbed}

4.) Whisper of the Heart

[school, slice of life, romance, self discovery]

Of all Miyazaki’s film that I have currently watched, this maybe is the most unique of them all. Though the film doesn’t have the usual fantasy and magical genre, it contained the most inspiring story I have ever watched.

I highly suggest this for everyone to watch so that you will be inspired and motivated to pursue your passion. The romance drama of the film will teach the youths of today of what is the real effect of finding true love in a person.

This is a must watch for all the budding writers and artist of any generation for this will be of much help for you. Same goes to anime fans out there. I am aware that anime fanatics have a limitless imagination as well as undiscovered potentials just waiting to found.

I consider this film a timeless classic no one should dare to miss.

Click —>>Download link {English Dubbed}

Click—>> Online Streaming Link {English Subbed}

5.) Bonds – Naruto Shippuden

[Ninja, fantasy, friendship, war, drama]

I really love this movie, and I think this ought to be on my top 5. However, in order to appreciate this movie you need to watch the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. Over all the animation is great too and as well as the story, music, and visual effects. By far, of all Naruto movies released to date, this one really touched my heart.

The story revolves on the bond of a student and a master will develop as time goes by. As well as the part where Naruto still believes in a friend who forsakes him made me shed a bunch of tears.

Click —>>Download link {English Subbed}

Click—>> Online Streaming Link {English Subbed}

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