It’s Election Once Again

The Rally

The Filipinoes Usual Howl of Justice

It is the time of the year again

when my family will wear a big grin.
My father will fake a smile,
as my mother’s wallet will have some dime.

So many white people at this of a year
who will become miraculously generous and dear.
They will stretch their soft white hands
and once again touch our dirty and muddy palms.

For us who sleep under a starry night,
it is one answered prayer for all our thousands plights.
For once, we are treated like we matter
and they become our servants and we are their master.

They will tell us that they will always care
and promise that they will always be there.
Like brothers and sisters our kinds will become
forever united and bonded as one.

But when this time of a year will pass
we realize nothing they said will last.
They will scour back to their towering castles,
while we are left fighting for our country’s battle.

The pact of brotherhood as they said
will always stay a secret word they can only understand,
and not a word they will truly show.
For until now, it remained a word my kind doesn’t know.

Like cinderella, who changed back at twelve,
becoming a princess and turning back to a maid.
From masters, we too went back to our true forms,
digging the earth and eating dirt like worms.

Those people who exclaimed they cared
ran away from us and disappeared.
Those people who were kind and vowed to be there,
left us alone, bewildered and in despair.

The ones we thought could bring vendication
are the ones now tarnishing our nation.
The people who should lead us to prosperity
are now the ones leading criminals in a killing spree.

‘Tis election once again in my country
all my people are getting ready
to inject morphine in their body
so the agony wont affect our sanity

But this my friend is not the end of it all
time will come when they will kneel and crawl.
For those on top will meet their demise,

as the sovereignty’s power shall rise.


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