rainbow-in-real-life-wallpaperThere is always a sense of wonder and happiness whenever a rainbow appears. I feel like for a brief moment I caught a glimpse of a hidden beauty in this world. A rainbow is the quintessence of how much secret there is in this world and how much more there are surrounding us that is invisible in our naked eyes, until it decides to reveal itself.

I think this is the reason why when people get see one, they stop and stare at it. They take time in their busy schedule to notice it.

Love is very much like a rainbow. Most of the time it lies invisible and when it decides to reveal itself, you take time to hold it in your hand as long as you can; wishing and deeply hoping it never goes away. Love is unfortunately very much like a rainbow. Love, too, is passing. It will go away whenever it decides to. Just like a rainbow, one moment it illuminates the sky and in a blink of an eye, it is gone with no trace.

What happens when a rainbow disappears?

People move on. We, take time in seeing its beauty but when it is time to let go, we, open our hands and let it go.

What happens when love disappears?

We also move on. Our heart may have been crushed by its disappearance but even if we deny it, hope lingers in our heart. Hope, that one day, we’ll see love again. Hope that one day, it will decide to stay with us forever, amidst being invisible to everyone, it will constantly reveal itself only to only you. Just as sure the rainbow appears again in another day, in another cloudless sky.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review

Price: 855 Philippine Peso

Where to buy: Watsons, also available at beautymnl.com


So, a little about me, I’m a typical working girl who commutes to the office every day, in a hot and humid climate. So, there is a great need for me to moisturize my face to keep it looking good and to prevent myself looking like a retiree when I turn 40.

For a couple of months, I have been on a hunt on getting a moisturizer that is non-sticky, since I have an oily face with a sensitive skin. Low and behold, when I was shopping in watsons at SM, a saleslady approached and introduced me to Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer.. I was hesistant at first because its a bit pricey for my budget but she insisted that since it is water based it wont feel sticky at all.

I tried it home and this is my verdict.



With its water-gel consistency, it is uniquely light-weight that can be instantly absorbed, proven to lock in abundant hydration deep within the skin.

PACKAGING: 3 out of 5 stars

The product is in a blue glass container.. It is heavy and bulky and it looks big but when you open it, the amount of product that’s in the jar didn’t live up to my expectation. The glass jar is heavy so I thought it was because of the product inside but sadly its just because of the glass.


INGREDIENTS: 2.5 out of 5 stars

water, cyclopentasiloxane, glycerin, dmethicone, cyclohesaloxane, dimethicone/vinyl dimethcone crosspolymer, polyacylamide, cetearyl olivate, C13-14 isoparaffin, phenoxyethanol, sorbitan olivate, dimethicone crosspolymer, laureth-7, carbomer, fragrance, sodium hyaluronate, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, C12-14 pareth-12, magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, propylparaben, sodium hyrodxide, methylisothiazoline, copper gluconate, CI 42090.

I must admit that I don’t know what these ingredients are all about but if there is one thing I know, it’s that parabens are closely link to breast tumor and even cancer.

I was taken aback by this ingredient but still went ahead with it, given my limited option and budget. But I would be very cautious because of this.

PRODUCT: 5 out of 5

The product itself is a delight to use. It is indeed water based so the cream has a runny, liquidy texture with a very light blue color. It has a mild scent, almost like a baby lotion kind of smell but once you lather the product on your face, you won’t really notice the smell anymore.

When I first put it on, I only used a small amount and it covered half of my face and spreads out really good and fast. I guess 3 to 5 minutes the product is completely absorbed by my skin and it has a matte but hydrated finish. It’s very lightweight, it almost feels like you didn’t put anything on your face.

Nonetheless, the product has no instant effect. It didn’t brighten my face but I did feel soft and supple. I find myself touching my face quite often when I first used this because I like how soft it feels.

I didn’t feel any grease and it felt comfortable all throughout the day. For my oil problem, I did notice that it is not as much as it used to but I think it’s because my past moisturizer was a thick cream and it was greasy so it made my face more oily.


I’m in love with this product all though for the price point, it’s expensive and there isn’t much in the jar but a little goes a very very very long way with this product so I think this will last for a month or so with daily use.

I only use this in the morning but the sales lady said that it could also be use as a night cream. I do have a separate night cream and I’m sticking with that since it didn’t disappoint me.

I am going to purchase again. My sole intention for this review is to share how good this product is and maybe when a lot of people will know and use this, Neutrogena will continue making this product since it is difficult to constantly for a moisturizer that suits me.

My rating is 4 out of 5. Minus one (1) because of the price and the fact that it is not paraben-free. I will definitely repurchase.

DANCING LEAVES : longing for the simple things in life

20150429_104135I remember back in my own little paradise, I used to love looking at how the leaves rustle as the wind passes by. The way they dance and sway, hanging in the branches of trees is hypnotizing for me. I know for a fact that there is beauty and splendor in small things and I find peace in watching leaves dance to the sweet melodies the wind brings.

I crave for those things. To hear birds chirping, instead of car horns trying to outrun each other. To see blue skies and fluffy clouds rather than directly at concrete. To smell the musky scent of rice ripening in the distance, to see stars at night outshining each other and to see leaves dancing in the trees.

I am jealous, no deeply envious of people who can get to see all those things every day. All I wanted is just to be amidst all those little yet truly enchanting splendor of life.


975690091First of all, I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart and I want you to be happy. That’s all. Nothing more and definitely nothing less. I just want you to be happy. The kind of happiness that lightens your heart and breathes life in your soul.

This life will not always be kind. It will throw all kinds of insult and pain at you. It will spit in your face once in a while too. But, you still need to be kind to it and everything around you. Just move on and be happy.

You don’t need to impress people. You don’t need to do anything just for people to love you or like you. Your real friends will always be there for you no matter what, you don’t need to make them like you or to make them stay. Those who are meant to be with you, will stay. Sometimes, you need to make space for new people to come into your life. So, learn to also let go. Letting go will sting your heart, but holding on, will kill you.

Just like how the sun rises every morning and how the darkness gives way to light. All your pain and heart ache, shall too, will pass. This is the time wherein you need to hold on tighter to hope.

And finally, one of the greatest lesson I learned in my life is the story about the reed and the mighty mango tree. You see, the story was about the reed who was on one side of a small river and the big mango tree on the other side. The two of them are good friends. However, the mango was too proud of himself because of his size and the years he lived. He was too confident that nothing can break or put him down. On the other hand, the tiny reed, slender and weak, learned how to dance with the wind.

One day, the two friends, knew of an upcoming storm. The mango tree, looking down on the little reed’s tiny stems, told the reed that he must always stand firm and he will never be uprooted by any wind or storm. The reed knew better. When the storm came, the mango stood firmer and prouder. He fought the winds so hard that finally he breaks. The proud mango tree, was uprooted. On the other side, the reed was gracefully dancing with the winds. Bending and swaying wherever the wind blows.

After the storm passed, the reed saw how his friend got uprooted. He thought to himself, if only his friend learned how to bend then he would still be standing right now.

Just like the reed, we need to bend and learn to dance with everything that we will encounter. We need to sway to the direction of the wind in order for us not to break and fall apart.

A Woman, a Baby and Abortion

How can a very normal thing to do be so damaging to anyone?

We all know that having sex is normal and conceiving a baby is typical for any woman. But how come, if these two words be put together can spell out disaster? How can having a baby lead to a ruined life, a chaotic family, heart breaks, depression and then ultimately murder and sometimes suicide comes right after.

Having a baby is supposed to be a blessing, a gift; it is a miracle of nature for an ordinary woman containing life inside her. Conceiving a child is magic at work for any living thing. What I consider tragic is someone who could not produce a baby, that my friend is pure malice. Nonetheless, I can’t understand why creating life is treated like a catastrophe. People push a pregnant woman on the edge of cliff just because she has a baby, what the hell is that?

The Church and the society, they keep saying no to abortion, but you know what ALL OF YOU ARE HYPROCRITES! You keep instigating abortion as a bad thing and keep saying having a baby is a consecration yet you doomed an unmarried woman like she’s a whore or a slut. It’s not your business if she enjoys having sex, it is normal to have sex whether or not you’re married or whether or not you are of age. No one has the right to tell someone when he or she should engage in sex, it is their choice.

I can’t blame women to have abortion heck I sympathize with them, the real culprit and murderer here is not the woman nor the abortionist, it is the people the surrounds her, instead of helping her, they pushed her to the ground like some used rug, instead of supporting her, they endlessly back stabbed her and instead of being happy for the life she is carrying, they shunned her, they made her an outcast, they relentlessly spit on her face.

I will ask you, why the hell would you do this to someone who is vulnerable, someone who is carrying the most precious thing of all, someone who is carrying a human inside her, why?


The church keeps saying no to abortion but why is it that there are CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS out there that will expel their female students if they get pregnant and not get married. Is having a child without a husband a crime so bad, you really need to expel them? The woman is working her ass off in school to have a better future, not for herself but for her family; she is going to be pregnant sooner or later, why can’t she get pregnant while she is studying, what’s the difference about that huh?? The administrators in the school are actually not thinking of the sacred sacraments or heck being a good Christian Institution most of all not even the welfare of the students; all their thoughts are focused on what other people will think about them. They care more about what people think about them, than the students who are studying and paying their damn tuition fees. What they are doing on that child is both immoral and injustice. They should ponder on this.

Next step, parents.

This is the most sensitive of all.

I know being a parent is a tough job. You work; you shed blood and tears just so you can give you children a better future. Somehow in this process, you kind of ignore the fact that your children also needs to have their own life. You should allow them to have this, even just a tiny bit. I’m not saying you forget about your children and send them somewhere they can live their life. My point is that, your children is not you, they might come from you, you may be the one who created them, but ultimately they are a different human, a different person from who you are. So, do not treat them like yourself, do not expect them to continue what you’ve started because your children need to start something on their own and finish it if they can. It is not really your children’s fault why your life is the way it is, it is your choices, you should be the one who should carry it not them.

Second, if one of them gets pregnant do not throw them out of the house. Do not even judge them. They are human and it is OUR (yes, including you) nature to sometimes make crappy decisions. Nevertheless, having a child is a gift to her and you should be happy for her carrying a baby. It is not like you will die if she gets pregnant and the world won’t end just because she is conceiving a baby. After she gives birth she can always go back where she was before getting pregnant, she can always start again, go to school again, continue what she has started and with this my dear parent, you should support her not kick her down. This is one of the hardest things to do and you should be proud of her, if she doesn’t commit suicide of course.

No one really knows the real pain and suffering of getting pregnant and all people around you thinks badly about it. None of you has the idea of the torment a woman undergoes because of depression, pressure and unending stress. Being pregnant and not have a husband is just like having the sky and earth punch you a thousand times. Heck, I think that is much better. The pain of people judging you, the torture of people condemning you and the sorrow of all the people you love and trust leave you behind; that is HELL on EARTH, dying would be so much better. This is why women commit abortion. I guess there more reasons why women perpetrate abortion but generally and 80% of the time, this is the reason for killing a poor baby. And the real murderers are those who did what I mentioned above.

Are you one of them? I guess Now you know.

I really wish I can see the day wherein having a baby is treated with so much love and celebration whether or not the girl is married or unmarried, whether or not, the girl is a working or not and whether or not the girl is of age or not. I hope to see the day wherein people are intellectual enough to see pass through the damn norms of society and focus more on the real important thing; the baby and the woman carrying it.

Hope for Christmas

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home. ~Carol Nelson

When I was just a kid, I always anticipate the arrival of the Christmas season because for me it is the best time of the year.

 I really don’t know but back then, when it’s Christmas, whenever I look up into an adult’s face, everyone I see is smiling and every house I see is beautiful even if they only have one Christmas lantern hanging on their window. I also think Christmas trees are magical trees that my family and I have to build out of plastic cellophane. Yes, our Christmas tree back then was a cut-out branch from a tree and we put white plastic cellophane so that it will have shiny leaves and then we put on the best Christmas lights ever and it magically transforms into this beautiful Christmas tree. From that moment on, I know I’m going to have the best Christmas in my life and I thought every Christmas would be as great as the last one. I was wrong.

 Somehow, I don’t when but every time I see Christmas lights or hear Christmas carols being sang part of me is jumping for joy but another part of me is tremendously scared. I know I said I will forget everything bad that happened in the past and sayonara to that but I just can’t help it, it’s kind of a reflex thing that prepares me to what I will encounter this Christmas may it be good or bad.

 But you know what, even if half of me is scared that Christmas is coming, the happy part of me somehow tells me that this Christmas is different from the last Christmas because it brings with it hope that maybe somehow I can get back the Happiness I felt every Christmas when I was young.

Sayonara means Farewell

In the past, I’m very scared of bad experiences because I thought they don’t only hurt but the memories of those painful feelings linger and can even leave a nasty scar in my heart. However, right now I’m not so sure about it.

As I started reminiscing all that happened to me in the past what I remember the most are my happy times and though I can still remember all my sad memories it doesn’t really hurt anymore, it even made me grateful for if I wasn’t hurt, if I didn’t experience those terrible experiences, I wouldn’t be like this. What’s amazing about it is, when you look back in the past and you see those good and bad memories side by side. The sad memories can’t really hurt you anymore and surprisingly the beautiful memories have the ability to always make you smile and even make you laugh whenever you remember about them, and that my friends is the most important of all.

Some people might not believe me on this, but please trust me when I say “No matter how painful it is today, it will always get better”. At first, I hate looking in the past, I remembering those times when I was bullied for many painful school years. When my family went into financial difficulties and eventually to bankruptcy, when we found out my father is cheating, those when my heart got shattered into a million times, when I was betrayed by my best friend. I despised remembering those times, but eventually I reached a point in my life; no matter how long it took me, that when I remember those stuff I realized their the ones that lead me to finding new trustworthy friends, I got better in school because I want to prove to them they can’t shake me, my father as well as everyone in our family realized our mistakes and now we’ve gotten relatively closer. Our family might not be living the luxury we once have but we are so much happier than we are before. And most of all, I’ve changed for the better.

Don’t get me wrong it really took a while for me to realize everything but once a person reaches this stage of realization it makes you feel everything, the tears, the smiles, the frowns and even the laughter is all worth it. It’s like at first, your watching an artist painting and you can’t picture it out and then you immediately think it’s a piece of crap because you can’t understand it. However, when the artist is finish and you are able to see a masterpiece come out in the crap you saw before, you start to understand the reason for everything and then you get satisfied.

So now, I am going to say farewell to everything, I want to let go of my grudges, my doubts and my regrets because I understand my past now. I understand that the pains I had were nothing compared to the fun I experienced and without the pains, I wouldn’t have recognize happiness even if its staring right in front of me.

Sayonara to my bad experiences. I understand you now and I want to start another chapter in my life and wait for another masterpiece yet to be unfold in my life.

Memoirs of a Broken Promise

broken promise

Enma Ai and Sentaro

In a village hidden by the mountains and protected by the trees, a girl is desperately fighting for her life because of a promise a foolish boy gave her. Through his oath, she continued to live in spite of the cruel fate she had befallen. She continued to hope despite the darkness around her, that the foolish boy is there waiting for her in the lights as she dreadfully struggles from the murky currents of shadows and silence.

This girl whose hair is as black as the emptiness she felt; never for once complained the kind of life she got. Robbed of her childhood, separated from the warmth and love of her beloved parents, sentenced to being a sacrificed and left to die by the very own people in her village. Through all this, she never asked why of all the seven-year-old girls in her village she was the one chosen to be the seven-year-old child sacrificed.

At a very young age, she already experienced the harsh truth of the pitiless game called life. She was left alone in the night as she was being cradled to sleep by the sound of the passing wind and rustle of the dancing trees while she slowly surrendered to the sweet nectar of death. Her tears fell gently in the ground as hope began to vanish in the distance.

However, as she was already preparing herself to welcome the grim reaper, a soft familiar whisper echoed in the void she was imprisoned.

“Ai-chan, I brought food for you”.

These were the words of a foolish boy who became her seraph in the moments she was about to see the angel of death. In the empty space she was in, he became his flare of last hope as she noticed the luminosity of the bright full moon vanquished the darkness in her eyes.

The boy who has an auburn colored hair and eyes as beautiful as the moon reached out a bag to her, inside the tightly wrapped loincloth different kind of food behold Enma Ai’s sight. The girl who is supposed to be left alone without food and water, this girl who is supposed to die with no one beside her under the trees; was being rescued by an imprudent boy who dared to violate any law as long as he can fulfill his uttered pledge.

“Setarou, you shouldn’t have come here,” Enma said with tears falling in her eyes as she gazed at the smiling face of her saviour

“I promised didn’t I? I will never let anyone harm you Ai-chan”

This were the exact words of promise this lonely girl took hold. This few words harmless as it may sound became her vigour to fight each day alone in the woods for seven years, to carry on living as she optimistically waits the next day Sentaro would come and bring her not only food her parents prepared for her but happiness beyond compare. She would not mind the state she is in as long as she can see Sentaro and be with him even for a few stolen moments.

Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a happily ever after in her world. The night she feared for; the night she dreaded the most finally came. The villagers marched to her sanctuary; possessed by their anger, suffering and the their twisted belief that their Gods abandoned them for the sustained life of Enma Ai, the betrayal of her parents for sending her food and the insubordination of Sentaro for helping Enma. They ultimately came to put justice into their dirty hands.

She desperately cried for help as she was being drowned in the river and water entered her mouth and her nose. What made matters worse is that she witnessed her beloved Sentaro being pounded by the villagers themselves.

After the horrid moment of endless pain, her long flawless raven colored hair was pulled as she was being dragged to the Seven Children Temple. The shrine built to remember those helpless seven-year-old girls who was sacrificed and were left to die just like her.

There she saw her mother and father for the first time after seven years, a white cloth was wrap around their eyes so they couldn’t see. Their hands were tied on their back so they couldn’t reach for anything and both of them were kneeling at door of the shrine. That was the last horrid sight she saw as she too was tied just like her parents and force to kneel beside them. She heard her mother cry and her father begged for the life of his wife and daughter.

Suddenly, a loud banging sound was heard and one by one, she could not hear the cry of her parents anymore until she felt a hard striking pain on her head as a shovel was hammered into her face. That is when she fell again to the ground and everything became quiet.

When finally the hard pain subsided, she felt droplets of water falling from above, rain perhaps, no its not, the loin cloth wrapped around her eyes slowly fell to her face as she saw Setarou’s tears drop towards her as he was burying her and her family under the ground.

“Stop Setarou! Please!” she desperately yelled as she felt death slowly embracing her.

“You promised Sentaro! Please Stop! Please…” she cried again hoping Sentaro would remember his promised to her, the promised she had taken good care of throughout her life.

Then rocks of different sizes, shovels of muddy soil as brown as Setarou’s eyes fell to her face as she is being buried alive by the very person who saved her, took care of her and promised to protect her, the very person she loved the most.

Enma Ai Crying“Curse you all!” those were her last words as slowly yet painfully she watched as the darkness envelope her and the radiance from the full moon vanished in the distance. She waited for everything to be silenced before she closed her eyes wet with blood as she finally give in to death not alone but surrounded with rocks, sand and pebbles as well as the lifeless bodies of her parents in the grave her very own neighbors dug for them.

There her hatred grew more than ever as  she slowly let go of the broken promise she treasured very much while being  drowned in the murky waters of death as she lay lifeless in the grave she was being buried alive by Sentaro himself. The person who promised her that he no harm would befall to her while his around.

Code Geass Season 3!!! confirmed!

Code Geass: Renya of Blackness

The much awaited Code Geass Season 3

To everyone who are Code Geass fans, this is a sure blast for all of us because after months and days of painful wait for the making of another Code Geass season the Sunrise Anime Studio finally lit the green light for the Code Geass Season 3 Project! More information will be announced from their website soon.

The title for the much awaited season 3 would be: Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya (Code Geass: Jet-Black Renya or Code Geass: Renya of the Blackness) which is centered around a 17-year old boy named Renya witch a mechanical left arm and shuriken stars as his weapon of choice. Renya will meet C.C. and then eventually a character with a resemblance of Lelouch will arrive with intentions yet to be discovered.

Personally I am very thrilled about this!!

Pursuit of the Perfect Family

Family- a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together

Everyone aspires of having a complete and perfect family. Everyone longs for a faithful and loving father who will always be there no matter what. A loving and understanding mother who fondly opens her arms for her children and a brother or a sister who will support and be your bestfriend. All in all, everyone aspires of having some people who will accept you for who you really and people whom you can trust your life with.

However, chaos has engulfed the globe and because of this a perfect family is something as rare as a diamond and family members who are drowned in grief and hatred become weeds in the society. Yet, this should have been the other way around.

In this era, our greed has totally devour us that for other people killing ones parents or siblings is somewhat ordinary, raping their own blood is a usual thing in the news and killing innocent babies is becoming a widespread craze for women.

We all do this because of our everlasting search of a perfect family. People try to make as much money as they could so that they could give their family a better life, neglecting the most essential thing their family need in the process; Women bury their shame in the ground in hope that their family would take them back and their chance of meeting a good spouse won’t be extinguish, but because if this they slaughtered and robbed their own baby of the life that is suppose to be theirs.

Why do we need that perfect family when in the first place nothing is considered perfect in this world? We fight in wars when we know no one would win. We chase something that could never be ours. We look for things when what we got here are far better than what were searching for.

A faithful father, a loving mother, supportive siblings; we may not have those people around us but for sure if we just learn to look around, we will see that we may have a friend who is very supportive to us, or a faithful lover, we might even have a loving aunt, grandparents or even a loving teacher who always smile when we reach the classroom. One way or another, we have all those kind of people surrounding us, however we focus too much of what others have that we don’t have, we fail to notice and appreciate those people who have accepted us already for what we truly are, we neglected those people who have love us beyond the reason why because of our obsession in compensating what we lack.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming and trying to have better things in life but sometimes because of that same thing we fail to recognize we already have the best things that life could offer.

We are all connected to one source, and whether we like it or not we are all related. So, no matter how you think of it we are all a part of a big family.